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ValueMail is the free eMail service offered by domeus. This service will keep you informed of great special offers, free trials and brand-new product developments, tailored to your interests.

By choosing from over 100 interest groups and subcategories you can fine tune ValueMail to your particular needs and interests. As a ValueMail member you will be able to access the member login area with your personal login information. Here you can manage your profile settings and update your fields of interest.

How can you receive ValueMail?

  1. Click here to get to the startpage.
  2. Simply tick the boxes next to the categories that interest you and complete the registration form filling in your eMail address.
  3. Click "sign me up"
  4. You will soon receive an email containing your login information and a link to confirm your subscription.
  5. Please click on this link or reply to the email to complete your registration, otherwise your subscription will not be accepted.

Naturally, your personal information will be handled with the strictest confidence (for more information, consult our Business Terms and Conditions). After having registered successfully, you will receive a welcome message containing your domeus password. Please remember that you will need your password, if you ever wish to cancel your ValueMail. You can be reminded of your password via eMail, by clicking on 'Forgotten Password' at any time!

Interested? Why not register with us today!

Your ValueMail-Team